Iowa parents scramble to find baby formula amid nationwide shortage

Published: May. 6, 2022 at 5:05 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -Iowa parents are scrambling to find baby formula. There is a nationwide shortage as some popular brands are recalled on top of already existing supply chain issues.

“It’s scary, there’s just, you panic,” said Shannon Jacobs of Cedar Rapids.

Empty shelves are becoming a regular sight for parents in search of formula in eastern Iowa.

“It is really stressful,” Ashley Coughlin said. She is the mother of 9-month-old twins Jadin and Ava.

Finding formula for the girls has not been easy.

”I feel like parents shouldn’t have to worry about not having the food or the nutrition that they need to give their babies,” Coughlin explained.

She’s resorted to shopping online, which isn’t any easier. We searched for several brands on Amazon Friday and found most were out of stock.

“I’m starting to run out again I realized yesterday ordering online is not an option,” Coughlin said.

She was eventually able to find her girls some formula online Friday morning, but she says it’s only enough to last maybe a week. Her goal is to try and plan ahead and she’s not alone.

Jacobs has resorted to leaning on friends and family to find formula for her 7-month-old son Knox.

”I had friends from out of state who sent us formula so I’ve been riding on that stock since like March 1st. And then started running low again a few days ago so I had to reach out to people again,” Jacobs said.

Parents are having to switch brands at times to what they’re able to get their hands on.

“The Similac is not on the shelves at all so we try to do like the alternative versions,” said Jacobs.

But even alternatives are hard to find.

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