When the snow comes down, Iowans turn to “fat tire” bikes

Published: Feb. 9, 2022 at 7:11 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Cycling may sound like a spring or summer sport, but fat tire bikes have allowed cyclists to pedal all year round.

“I described it as being a little kid smiling the whole time,” said Mount Vernon’s John Zehms. “We’re just having fun. It’s just a great time.”

“I like to be outside as much as I can,” said Marion’s Leah Fuller. “Just vitamin D is good for my brain. I’ve got a bunch of crazy friends I like to do this too so it’s a great excuse to get outside and hang out with my friends.”

Fat tire biking has also grown in popularity among women.

“I would say there is definitely more women that are coming into the sport,” said Cedar Rapids’ Erin Harlan. “Hopefully we can get more ladies out here to join us.”

Instead of working out on exercise bike in the basement, fat tire cycling gives riders a chance to be one with nature.

“You can see Eagles and deer and turkey. It’s fantastic,” said Fuller. “It’s good for your brain just to calm down.”

Not only do you get to enjoy Mother Nature you cant beat the exercise.

“That is how I started, just to get active” Zehms said. “Then it just kind of gets addictive.”

“It definitely get your heart rate up,” said Harlan “You have to keep spinning as you’re going through the snow.”

The Linn Area Mountain Biking Association, better known as Lamba, worked hard to remove debris after the Deracho. They also groom the trails.

“The Lamba association here in town does an amazing job of keeping the trails groomed so it makes it for awesome riding,” said Harlan.

The big question: how do you stay warm?

“We do a good job of bundling up,” Harlan said.

“If you have the right gear you don’t even feel the cold. I don’t mind it at all, said Fuller. “I have several friends who think I’m nuts, but I have enough other friends who enjoy to do it.”

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