Working Iowa: Covenant Family Solutions looking to expand, hire more therapists

Covenant Family Solutions is seeing more people in need of mental health services.
Published: Dec. 28, 2021 at 12:47 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Covenant Family Solutions says the workload has been pretty heavy, especially during the pandemic. The number of patients Covenant therapists see every week continues to increase. Right now, Covenant is trying to hire dozens of therapists to meet that demand.

Covenant is trying to hire people to help other businesses establish Employee Assistance Programs (EAP). They’re critical as more people return to in-person work place models.

“That’s really scary for a lot of people because they created this safe place, and they also aren’t socializing a lot. So the idea of coming back into the office seems really scary for them,” said Chief Administrative Officer Christine Topping. “So we are beginning to see that the great resignation. It’s just too intense for them at this moment. So we are wanting to work with companies to help reduce that anxiety for their employees.”

Covenant is also looking to expand into the Quad Cities and Dubuque. Program Development Coordinator J. Michael Sharon has been busy searching for possible locations in which to grow. He says beyond buildings, he sees more growth in the future.

“We’re also looking into again expanding into a virtual world,” Sharon said. “Zoom meetings have been ever prevalent. COVID completely rocked the traditional nine-to-five. You’ve got to be in the building mindset, and we can do services virtually.”

Topping says while the workload can be heavy, they try to keep the environment light.

“We are a little silly around here,” Topping said. “We enjoy having fun and helping each other out. We very much are just a team environment here. We can go to anyone, I feel like a very open-door policy.”

The company also works to take care of it employees, making their mental health a priority.

“We also have a system that we use to say, ‘hey, thanks so much for helping me out.’ And again, that all goes back to our support and uplift value,” Topping said.

For more information about careers with Covenant Family Services, click or tap here.

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