Iowa police chief gives tips on keeping homes safe while away for holidays

North Sioux City Police Chief Richard Headid has tips for keeping your home safe.
North Sioux City Police Chief Richard Headid has tips for keeping your home safe.(KTIV)
Published: Dec. 22, 2021 at 9:16 AM CST
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NORTH SIOUX CITY, S.D. (KTIV) - With holidays comes travel, and police are warning that thieves are watching.

The North Sioux City Police Department says residents should take steps to make it appear as if residents are home, even if they’re out of town. Chief Richard Headid says thieves will also monitor social media, so avoid posting any messages that indicate you’ll be away.

Headid has a creative way to keep your home safe. Move any extra vehicles around while you’re gone.

“What I mean is if you have a house and you have an extra car, what I suggest you do is make sure that you have somebody, a neighbor, friend or family member come over, maybe park that car inside during the night,” said Headid. “Alternating so they see that vehicle in the driveway in different locations, so people think there’s somebody at that residence.”

The chief said to hide any boxes showing expensive gifts inside the home, as that could make the residence a target. He also suggests purchasing motion-activated lights and fake security cameras as bare minimum safety measures.

Headid said even as a law enforcement officer, he locks his doors, so he urges the public to remain vigilant around the holiday season.

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