Cedar Rapids family has belongings stolen from a storage facility

Published: Dec. 19, 2021 at 8:30 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -A Cedar Rapids family that just moved here after a tragedy is now dealing with another hardship, Sharon Akinseye and her parents moved to Iowa last month. They said they were leaving New Hampshire and bad memories behind.

“My brother got killed,” explained Akinseye. “He got shot October 24th, and my parents couldn’t take it anymore, and decided to move over here.”

They stored their stuff at Blairs Ferry Storage in Marion Akinseye showed up to the unit December 4th to see a lot of their stuff stolen.

The unit was unlocked, since they didn’t think they needed a key, and thought the key code entry was secure enough Now, couches, chairs, her mother’s African antiques, gone, but the most prized possession taken, her brothers memorabilia.

“Everything was here,” said Akinseye. “Pictures. He was a soccer star, so like frames that we made for him. My mom was still grieving you know, grieving and grieving because he was the youngest baby in the family. When we told her that we had been robbed, she has been down.”

Marion Police tell TV-9 that they asked the storage facility for any security footage. They say it’s hard to crack this case unless somebody shows up with the items at a pawn shop, or they can get security footage.

“We just want to get it back,” said Akinseye. “We just want to get our stuff back, if we can catch them, we can get it back.”

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