Fundraiser set for Saturday to support Skyler Moss

Published: Dec. 9, 2021 at 9:23 PM CST
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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - The last time KCRG caught up with Skyler Moss, the City High assistant baseball coach was fighting cancer for a second time.

“Kind of crazy around here, I’m hooked up to all these tubes and different things,” Moss explained about being in the hospital again. “Monitoring and giving me oxygen.”

Ten years after being diagnosed with stage one testicular cancer, in June of 2020 his cancer came back as stage four in his lungs.

Moss had to restart chemotherapy, but even after that diagnosis, he hasn’t gotten the good news he and his family have hoped for. Since then, doctors have discovered 12 different brain tumors and Moss has endured multiple surgeries and treatments. However, he continues to fight and he knows that he’s not alone.

“When I’m out and about people say keep fighting man,” said Moss.

He’s surrounded by a community that continues to show support. They plan to host a fundraiser on Saturday at the North Dodge Athletic Club in Iowa City.

“It’s important because they’ve had a horrendous couple of years. Skyler has continued to fight,” explained North Dodge Athletic Club instructor and health and life coach Beth Pruessner. “They’ve gone through more as one family than any family should go ever through,” she added.

It’s a place where Moss has been the manager for years and his wife Sarah is a group fitness manager.

“We like to work out and we used to work out every day together,” Sarah explained. “Now, our lives are a little bit different. Now, I’m not working out and I’m making him work out so that he can get healthier and stronger. Keep trying to kick this in the butt.”

The fundraiser will feature a silent auction, raffle and fitness classes. Everything up for grabs has been donated.

“To put this ask out close to Christmas time, when people are already doing other things and to have people show up and come forward with some amazing, amazing {things}. It’s beyond what we expected,” said Pruessner.

Everything raised will go straight to the Moss’ who continue to search for answers.

“There’s currently no medical cure for him, so we’re just trying some things and talking to as many people as possible,” Sarah said fighting back tears. “To see what we can do to save his life.”

Because Skyler isn’t ready to give up.

“You know, I’ve always had a drive,” said Moss.

He said his drive started with playing four sports in high school and then baseball at the University of Iowa. Now, he strives to be present for his family, especially his three kids.

“That’s my biggest goal is to be around and be able to watch them grow up,” said Moss.

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