Family calls the Variety ‘Compassion Fund’ a little local miracle

Published: Dec. 7, 2021 at 4:15 AM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - The Variety Compassion Fund help cover the costs of things many people may not consider when someone has a child sick in the hospital. This could include gas cards for parents traveling to appointments, meals at the hospital, and paying for utility bills.

Hannah and Aaron Brewer were first introduced to the compassion fund after their firstborn daughter Maribel was born 10 weeks early. Maribel weighed just 3lbs. 2oz. and was going to need time in the NICU.

“I just I remember tearing up quite a bit. And just like Who do I send a thank you to, I mean, it was just, so I was overwhelmed with gratitude,” said Hannah Brewer.

Hannah Brewer says being helped out allowed them to “take a deep breath”.

“We were so grateful because it we thought we had a little more time to get ready for her,” said Hannah.

Helping with the unexpected, the compassion fund became something the Brewers were incredibly thankful for at the end of their 55 days in the Mercy Medical Center NICU.

“The compassion fund to me is a little local miracle. This was a really scary time for us in many ways it was really hard, and receiving that aid, that help, that love, that compassion was in many ways it was transformative and you know it’s not like you know all of our worries and bills are cared covered now, but it was it just that sense of you’re not in this alone we are here for you, we want to support you,”.

To donate to the compassion fund, click here.

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