At Benton Community, the lost art of the letter jacket lives on strong

Published: Dec. 2, 2021 at 5:51 AM CST
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VINTON, Iowa (KCRG) - In the backroom at Cameron’s Clothing in Vinton, there’s a sewing machine hum as tailors stitch letters onto varsity jackets.

“Benton community is all over it,” said Karilea Ries from Cameron’s. “It’s a great way to show school pride.”

Fifteen miles away at Benton Community, the blue and white jackets line the hallways.

“Everybody says we wear them a lot more than other schools,” said Athletic Administrator Shawn Pfiffner. “I think that is awesome.”

Some student athletes wear pins for their sports, some stitch in their jersey number or the year they graduate.

Pfiffner confirmed what we have observed about letter jackets.

“We didn’t see them for a while there.”

But the students at Benton said they came back around five years ago.

“My mom has her’s, my dad has his from their high school years,” said Kiah Coffin. “And I tried on my dad’s and said ‘oh this is cool.’”

Pfiffner still has his letter jacket. The former football, wrestling and track athlete likes to say, the jacket “has shrunk” since he wore it in the mid 80s.

School pride. There’s one way to show it, and look good!

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