‘I want to win to prove a point,’ Coralville blade runner fueled by competition

Published: Nov. 11, 2021 at 7:52 AM CST
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CORALVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) - Some athletes just have that magic, that glowing personality on and off the field. She is known as the “Blade Runner,” but she is much more than that.

Fourteen-year-old Hannah Longmire, of Coralville, was born with malformations of her feet.

Her mother, Lee Longmire, said the decision was made to have her feet amputated.

“That was going to be what was best for her,” Lee said. “Soon after that, she was fitted with her first set of prosthetic legs.”

Hannah started running at the age of 10, and enjoyed competing in races.

“It’s really nice to win, like when you get that medal, that first place medal,” Hannah said. “The gold medal, it’s like I just want that thing. That is really nice, I want to keep doing that.”

Lee said Hannah puts a lot of hard work and dedication into it.

“I’m really proud when I see her out there and her hard work is paying off,” Lee said.

Hannah not only competes against para-athletes, she also runs on her Northwest Junior High cross-country and track team.

“People who don’t have disabilities can push me a lot harder than people with disabilities can, Hannah said. “I want to win to prove a point. Still go out there and meet every kid no matter what, even if I’m different. It doesn’t matter.”

Hannah can run with the best of them, clocking a 5:25 mile.

“I try to make it in the four minutes,” she said. “When I start track up again, I think I can do it.”

Hannah runs with multicolored blades to match her personality. They say, “be savage, not average.”

“‘Be savage, not average’ basically means that I don’t wanna be like every kid,” she said. “You don’t want to be boring, you know? You want to be a savage, you want to have some sass to it. Just have some fun, go crazy with your looks. I always have some kind of wild look to my legs. My legs are always some kind of rainbow or sparkly glamorous legs.”

Hannah has worked her tail off to be one of the best young runners in the country.

“I’ve gone through strengthening classes to get my form up,” she said. “We definitely had to figure out a way because I don’t have the best balance with my prosthetics. We had to find a way to do these different strengthening exercises like bench pressing at all that.”

Hannah works so hard because she’s set some big goals.

“To go to the Paralympics and the Olympics, which are really big goals, and I really have to work and train really hard to get to them.”

Hannah’s mom Lee said she fully expects to see Hannah at the Olympics in the future.

“We always tell our kids to dream big, and we are there to support you the best that we can and help you to make those dreams come true,” Lee said.

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