Farmers harvest corn at Field of Dreams

Published: Oct. 24, 2021 at 11:03 PM CDT
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DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) - Two months ago, the corn provided the perfect backdrop for the first Major League Baseball game ever played in Iowa. The White Sox beat the Yankees in that game on August 12. That’s when custodians of corn were in the stands.

“It almost brought a tear to the eye,” said Andy Rahe about the players coming out of the corn before the game. “So special. So neat to see. It almost felt like you were at the movie. Once in a lifetime experience.”

Two days before the game, things got a little rocky when the thunderstorm blew through the Dyersville area flattening some of the corn just outside the fences. It called for some hands on action.

“We picked them up and zip tied corn to stakes and made it look like it never happened,” said Rahe. “Luckily it was a small area. We had to make sure it was all out before the combine came.

Eventually that corn hugging the outfield fences will be harvested by hand and the entire area won’t have bleachers, a pressbox or dugouts. They’ll be gone temporarily. Another game is scheduled for next summer and that means the both Andy and Adam Rahe will replace the combine with some planters.

“We shoot for the fifth or sixth of May,” said Rahe. “Try to hit the sweet spot.”

For now, the state’s most storied field of corn, also know as the Field of Dreams, is going the way of most cornfields in our state, but fan and player reaction to the corn; that can’t be cut down.

“It is an awesome experience to have everybody come out here and tell you this is like no place else in the world. It’s not.”

Rahe figures they are getting between 250 and 260 bushels per acre.

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