Union Community’s Ava Corpman commands sidelines solo

Published: Oct. 21, 2021 at 7:08 PM CDT
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LA PORTE CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Standing solo on the Union Community sidelines is senior Ava Corpman.

“Cheerleading; the best part of it is when I cheer with the crowd and support our football team to victory. I think that’s the most important part of cheerleading to me,” she said.

Corpman hasn’t always cheered by herself. She lost four of her teammates from last year to graduation.

“We were looking forward to finding new people, but it just never happened,” explained Union Community cheer head coach Brylee Landers. “I asked, are we going to do this? She said yes and so we hit the ground running.”

It’s not easy being the lone cheerleader, but Corpman says she doesn’t really get nervous.

“From the beginning when I was in second grade, I did this cheer clinic. I was out on the field doing my thing and I felt this spark. This happy, joyful spark and that spark never left me. It’s still there when I cheer alone or with somebody,” she said.

Her decision to continue to cheer on the football team this year, was still surprising to the second year coach.

“Completely surprised,” said Landers. “But she’s blown me away with her confidence and her ability to lead and lead herself. Be in charge of something, take it and make it her own.”

Corpman’s confidence and school spirit has also piqued the interest of the entire community.

“We’ve have alumni cheerleaders come out. We’ve had so many people on social media saying nice things and just supporting her. Every group of cheerleaders we’ve met I believe has either given her a gift or said hi and thank you in some way,” said Landers. “We did not expect that at all.”

However, she wouldn’t mind getting back to sharing the sidelines, maybe even as soon as this winter. Corpman says if she can do it, so can others.

“My encouragement, confidence and bravery can teach some students, like here you can do this. Anything is possible. Just put your mind to it and everything is going to be just fine,” she said.

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