Hiawatha couple overcomes obstacles to adopt boys from Ukraine

Published: Oct. 22, 2021 at 5:28 PM CDT
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Hiawatha, Iowa (KCRG) - After overcoming challenges to finalize an adoption, a Hiawatha couple was finally able to formally welcome three boys into their family this month.

Scott and Jenna Breckenridge only planned to host one orphan from Ukraine. But that changed when the agency introduced them to twins - Ilya and Bogdan.

“The moment they walked through the terminal doors I just knew, I mean they were my kids,” Jenna said. “So I was running to them, and he’s behind me and he’s like ‘we are keeping them, aren’t we?’ I’m like grabbing them, yes. And it was yes every day since.”

The twins’ parents abandoned them when they were 12. Life in an orphanage in Ukraine left them little hope or choices.

“I mean these kids. In Ukraine, they age out of the orphanage, our boys were 15 they were asked to leave the orphanage, but it’s typically after they graduate ninth grade,” Jenna said. “Then they are on their own so they were put in a hostile, they get, like, I think it was like $40 a month to live off of. But these older kids, I mean, there’s nothing for them. Our kids were gonna go to the military there.”

That added to the Breckenridges’ desire to adopt, no matter the obstacles. COVID-19 turne what would normally be a nine-month process into a two-year journey. Even that didn’t deter them from adopting 11-year-old Kolya, who has a cleft lip.

“When I was in court the judge kept asking me like ‘why him? Why do you want a sick child?,’” Jenna said. “And he’s perfectly fine I mean he is just a normal boy, very intelligent, loving, He’s no different than our twins, no different than our biological kids. Nothing.”

For the couple’s 2 biological sons, having three more brothers is a dream come true.

“It’s pretty great,” Aeson Breckenridge, one of their biological sons, said. “I mean I get more people to play with and stuff so it’s pretty nice. I’m a lot more entertained.”

Finally, together, the Breckenridge family still isn’t done growing. They plan to adopt again, but for now are simply enjoying the new, bigger family.

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