Jordan Bohannon’s legacy extends far beyond Iowa City and basketball

Published: Oct. 20, 2021 at 10:53 PM CDT
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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - Iowa 6th year senior guard Jordan Bohannon - with the help of Geo Baker of Rutgers and Isaiah Livers of a Michigan - lobbied hard to help get name image and likeness laws passed.

I’ve talked to a lot of important people in zoom calls with US senators and we were saying ‘what are we doing here. We are just college athletes?’” Bohannon said. “We kind of envisioned it to go this way and I think it’s going to get even bigger honestly.”

Athletes all over the country in all sports are now making money off their name image and likeness.

“That has been the best part, so many athletes across the country, even before the law, just thinking me, Geo Baker and Isaiah,” Bohannon said. “That means a lot because we didn’t do it for ourselves. Myself and Geo didn’t expect to come back this year and Isaiah went to the NBA.”

His teammates were thankful for Bohannon work too.

“It is really cool that someone on our team is that impactful in society,” said sophomore Kris Murray “It’s good because we learned from him. He taught us a lot about NIL.”

“I see the NCAA probably is going to dissolve in a couple of years. I think that is going to help college athletes,” Bohannon said. “That is all we were speaking on, the importance of college athletes and their ability to have what’s right. It is finally coming to fruition.”

A lot of good has come out of NIL. Iowa punter Tory Taylor and his Punting is Winning t-shirts raise money for Count the Kicks to help save babies. Keegan Murray and his new clothing line raise money for the Stead Family Children’s Hospital.

“It’s just great and that’s just what all of this is about and what we fight for,” Bohannon said.

Jordan Bohannon has been a game changer for college athletics and he’s not about to stop with NIL. When asked what he wanted to do in the future, he wasn’t afraid of a lofty answer

“Simply change the world, as big as that sounds. Whether that’s just changing one life or changing a group of people.”

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