‘I was almost killed’ Lyft driver recalls moment car was struck by gunfire in southeast Cedar Rapids

Published: Oct. 14, 2021 at 6:44 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - A ride share driver in Cedar Rapids has a car full of bullet holes after someone fired at her vehicle with passengers inside. It happened at 19th Street at Bever Avenue SE Wednesday night. No one was hurt.

”It went in here, the exit point right here, and it hit right here. If it would have been any more to the left if would have hit me,” Sarah McBride pointed out.

McBride told us she had just picked up three passengers, all of whom were younger men, when she heard shots.

”As soon as I hear that I duck, I slightly lean forward, I ducked and I floored it. They were screaming at me to let them out, but I said I am not stopping where I just got shot at,” McBride said.

Cedar Rapids Police believe the passengers she was driving were the targets of the shooting.

Robert Wagner, McBride’s boyfriend said the violence in the city needs to stop.

”I was so furious that the person I care about was almost killed because of someone else’s beef with someone else.” Wagner said.

Police have not identified any suspects or announced any arrests.

McBride told us the passengers took off.

”They unlocked the car doors, jumped out as I was driving,” she explained.

The passengers did leave a school ID and a phone in the car, they’ve been turned over to police.

McBride said she’s been driving for both Uber and Lyft for more than 2 years, ride share is her main source of income. It’s something she won’t be doing any longer.

”My car is gone. I’m left here picking up the pieces and trying to find a job to get bills paid,” McBride explained.

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