Parents concerned about new procedures at Roosevelt Middle School

Published: Oct. 11, 2021 at 5:34 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Some parents are concerned their children will have to use the restroom on their school’s schedule.

This comes after Roosevelt Middle School in Cedar Rapids adapted rules for students in between classes.

As of October 7th, students at Roosevelt Middle School had to start following more rules in the hallways.

According to a letter sent out to families, students must identify themselves to any staff members while in the hallway, they cannot be in the hallway longer that 5 minutes unless staff pre-approves it, students must keep their hands and objects to themselves, among other rules.

“They’re saying students can’t leave before this ten minute window,” said Rachel Baugh, Mother of two Roosevelt students.

Baugh says she’s concerned about the new rules limiting bathroom breaks.

In the email, officials say, “Students will not be allowed out of class the first or last ten minutes of class so hallways can be cleared and attendance taken.”

Baugh asks the question of whether or not her child might have to use the restroom during that off-limit time period.

“You can’t expect a child to know when they have to go,” Baugh told TV-9. “You can’t say, ‘you have to go at this time, and this time only.’”

Baugh says she’s talked with her children about potential obstacles that come with the new rules.

“I told my children to walk out, go to the bathroom. If they have a problem, you tell them to call your parents,” said Baugh.

The letter to parents goes on to state that Roosevelt is implementing these new rules in order to “ensure students receive top quality instruction in a safe and collaborative culture.”

Officials said the changes are intended to promote student safety.

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