Couple delivers baby outside Ames hospital after 50-minute drive

Published: Sep. 28, 2021 at 8:54 AM CDT
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AMES, Iowa (KCCI) - An Iowa couple welcomed their newborn baby girl just outside the hospital.

Dwayne and Amanda Melton drove for nearly an hour from their home in Eldora to a hospital in Ames early Sunday morning.

The hospital closest to where they live no longer has a labor and delivery unit.

During their drive, the mom says she realized they were not going to make it.

And by the time her husband parked the minivan at the hospital entrance, he had to act quickly.

“It was just making sure I avoided semis the right way and made sure my hazards were on to be safe,” Dwayne said.

Amanda kept telling him to drive faster.

“I said I had to push again, and her shoulders came out,” Amanda said. “I am holding her in my lap. I just gave birth in the car.”

While the Melton’s would have preferred a hospital delivery, they are happy mom and their daughter Mylie are both healthy.

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