Marshalltown nurse urges vaccination after near-fatal battle with COVID-19

Published: Sep. 20, 2021 at 6:29 AM CDT
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MARSHALLTOWN, Iowa (WOI) - An unvaccinated Marshalltown nurse is urging people to get the COVID-19 vaccine, after she nearly died of the virus.

Julie Stevens says she didn’t get vaccinated because she was worried about potential side effects. But in August, she got COVID-19.

After just five days, she was admitted to a Marshalltown hospital because her symptoms got worse.

Stevens spent five days on a ventilator, was intubated, and eventually transferred to the ICU.

She eventually recovered well enough to leave the hospital, but is still on oxygen and struggles to breathe at times.

“I had terrible pain with COVID,” Stevens said. “The aches, like even my skin hurt, like touching the bed, or anybody touching my skin was painful.”

Stevens says she believes she could have avoided a hospital if she had been vaccinated.

“I was unvaccinated. It was a poor choice on my part,” she said. “I’m regretful for that.”

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