The city of Cedar Rapids is reminding people about their program to keep creeks and rivers clean from rain and snow.

Published: Aug. 29, 2021 at 10:47 PM CDT
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“It’s so important for us because stormwater is a major concern for the city. " Cara Matteson is in charge of the Cedar Rapids storm water cost-share program. The program’s stormwater best-management practices help catch the water and filters out pollutants from draining into the environment.

“With uh flooding uh localized flooding whenever there’s rain events. the water hits the streets and it goes into our storm system it doesn’t get treated our storm pipes goes directly to the cedar river and it’s not treated so we’re really concerned about the water quality,” says Matteson. Since 2016, The program has helped residential and nonresidential properties. People can choose from rain gardens, rain barrels, soil conditioning, and more.

“We’ve had some big participants like Coe College and some Local churches have done some big rain gardens they are called Bioretention cells.” continues Matteson. “Um, Coe college has also done a green roof. and they have a series of rain gardens on their campus.”

Robert Fox lives in Cedar Rapids and has had his rain garden since 2017, He dedicates his garden to his late wife, Rose Fox. “She was a site planner so she dealt with storm water issues all the time. And so yeah it was uh a problem we had. We went through the flood of 2008 we got kicked out of the condo for like 3 months. Jucst things like that-- very much aware of. "

It not only helps the water but the plants and trees as well. “It’s just from a you know taking care of the planet we live on with climate change and everything our little bit of help may not be very big you know you do your little thing and that’s where you start. “ says Fox.

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