Strong winds damage parts of Delaware County

Published: Aug. 24, 2021 at 11:05 PM CDT
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MANCHESTER, Iowa (KCRG) - Strong winds damaged parts of Delaware County Tuesday evening.

People all over town said a lot of the damage is from large branches falling on their homes or on their cars. Many have said they haven’t heard of any injuries yet, but the damage to the inside and outside of their houses is going to take a bit to repair.

Sunset Beach Mobile Home Park saw a lot of that kind of damage. One person said they had to work quickly to cover up a hole in their roof from a fallen tree.

Others in Manchester were thankful the damage was limited.

”I pulled into my street and saw big branches laying in the road and started taking pictures to send to my husband who was fortunately at work at the time because the biggest branch would have fallen right on his vehicle had he been home at the time,” Linda Scherbering, a resident, said.

Some people experienced power outages that last up to two hours, but other residents said they never lost power.

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