Iowa native and Afghanistan veteran receives daily messages from Afghan friends trying to escape Taliban

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 6:39 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -Dysart native and Afghanistan war veteran Trent Reedy is heartbroken to see the Taliban now running the entire Afghan government. The terrorist group took control over the weekend.

Reedy was deployed with the National Guard in 2004 with 9/11 still fresh on his mind.

”I wanted to go fight. I wanted to find the Taliban and find their terrorist allies and do my part,” Reedy told us.

But the mission was to help the many good Afghans who were not terrorists, but victims of oppression.

“And if you broke any Taliban rule they were just merciless with their beatings,” Reedy explained.

He built relationships with Afghans who trusted American soldiers to help, so watching America end their mission, and the fallout that’s come with it, has been devastating.

“And now, our Afghan friends and allies fear for their lives, fear for the lives of their children that we were sent there to help. And now it was all for nothing,” Reedy said.

He’s a world away receiving dozens of messages a day from friends trying to flee the Taliban, including video messages from people begging for help.

“One Afghan man who served alongside Iowa Army Guardsman in a city I can’t disclose for his safety sent me a video,” Reedy said. “And he’s showing me his family as if to say aren’t these people worth helping? Can’t anything be done to help us,” he added.

Reedy told us he believes America’s mission in Afghanistan was going well.

“It takes time to educate an entire generation,” he said.

Reedy blames President Biden who continued the withdrawal the previous administration had started to end the mission in Afghanistan.

“A terrible crime has been committed in abandoning our good Afghan friends and allies to the Taliban, these people risked their lives for us,” Reedy explained.

It’s a new reality he said has been hard to swallow for veterans like himself.

“To all those soldiers who worked so much, and to the families who sacrificed so much because we didn’t all make it home. But for awhile there was a lot of hope, and we were doing great things,” Reedy said.

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