Eastern Iowa restaurant feeling effects of seafood shortage

Published: Aug. 19, 2021 at 4:34 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -A seafood shortage is leading to some restaurants across Eastern Iowa to raise their prices. University of Northern Iowa Professor Andy Anderson calls it the “bullwhip effect.

He says” fewer people ate out at the start of the pandemic. Lower demand means less food to buy from distributors, and then lower demand for workers with fishing companies, and that’s led to layoffs. With demand returning, the supply just isn’t there as fishing companies search for

“Now demand goes way up,” he said. “Their capacity is still here, they’re going to have to slowly work their way up to that capacity level to meet demand, and it’s a lot easier to go down in that capacity than it is to go up.”

Owners at Crab Attack say they search different vendors for the best prices, but the seafood shortages are a real issue this year. They have had to raise their prices on average $4.

“As far as with our customers you know they want us to go up about 8-10 bucks for market price, but we only go up half,” said owner James Davis. “We want to keep the customers happy, you know as happy as we can.”

Anderson says the seafood supply will stabilize eventually. “That’s going to take months, and possibly even years before your favorite seafood dishes are available at your local restaurant at prices that are adjusted from inflation of course at the pre pandemic level,” he said.

Crab attack is hoping to whether the storm “It’s a huge battle just trying to stay open and trying to stay afloat,” said Davis.

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