Dyersville city leaders, tourists reflect on “amazing” impact of Field of Dreams game

Published: Aug. 16, 2021 at 5:04 AM CDT
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DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) - The McCarthy family was one of few who was able to get tickets to the much awaited Major League Baseball (MLB) game at the Field of Dreams movie site between the New York Yankees and the Chicago White Sox. They said, though, just getting to Dyersville was an unforgettable experience in itself.

“It was quite the journey,” Tammy McCarthy said while she laughed. “We are off of New Jersey, and we were supposed to be flying into Chicago from LaGuardia and then flying into Dubuque, but our flight got canceled,” Brendan McCarthy added.

So this family of Yankees fans rented a car and drove 16 hours to get to Dyersville in time for the game, which is something they say they do not regret.

“It was like a bucket list thing to do and go to,” Bob Davidson said. “It was really great, we had a great time.”

Garrett Rasmussen and Emily McDonnell were not as lucky. Rasmussen is from Cedar Rapids, but lives in Denver, Colorado, where he met McDonnell. She is a huge fan of the movie and wanted to travel to visit the site. Unfortunately, the movie site is closed this week due to the game.

“We were not able to get in as it is closed until Monday, which I was really bummed about, but we as a family grew up quoting the film, so it has been cool to just see. I FaceTimed my family from California to show them a little bit, from afar, but it was really fun,” she explained. “But even just being 100 yards from the field is such a cool feeling, you can just feel the energy come through,” Rasmussen added.

These are just a handful of the thousands of people that came to Dyersville for the historic occasion. City leaders say the impact on the city’s economy has been huge.

“We saw an increase in retail sales and tourist attraction admissions two months prior,” Karla Thompson, executive director of the Dyersville Area Chamber of Commerce, said. “So we are definitely seeing the side effects, the pre-effects, and I also think we are going to see post effects as well.”

Even though cleanup is already well underway, Thompson said they are hopeful this will not just be a once in a lifetime kind of thing.

“You know, we are very excited to hear the commissioner say they do want to come back, so absolutely our wheels are turning,” she commented. “We are starting to make notes and changes and what we can do better and things like that.”

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