‘We had no concept of how big it was going to be’: Postville man says being an extra on Field of Dreams movie changed his life

Published: Aug. 13, 2021 at 4:55 AM CDT
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POSTVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) - “I have grown up playing baseball since I was about eight or nine years old,” Larry Moore of Postville said. “So that ball playing was deep in our blood.”

That love for baseball, though, took an interesting turn for Moore in the spring of 1988.

”Early March we were on our way to our accountant in Dubuque and my wife was reading the paper to me and found this article in the paper that said, ‘Wanted old ball players between 35 and 40,’ and she said, ‘Well, that is you. You are old’,” he remembered.

That article was looking for movie extras for what was going to be the Shoeless Joe movie, which ended up being Field of Dreams. That changing in name Moore said made the movie that much more impactful.

“The changing of the name from Shoeless Joe, when people would have thought it was going to be an autobiography of a ball player, to Field of Dreams just made this a whole scope that was all-inclusive to everybody in the nation,” he said. “Because everybody has dreams and everybody wants to know what is that dream.”

Moore was one of 150 applicants and ended up as one of 17 extras picked to be ball players. Even though it has been decades, he said some things will always stand out to him.

”If one thing sticks with me is how much attention to detail the movie business has to put in: the green grass, the stripes in the field, the white chalk marks, the corn,” he mentioned.

Moore remembers pretty much everything else thanks to the sort of museum he and his wife have set up in their basement. In their basement they have memorabilia, photos, news articles, and even a VHS version of the Field of Dreams movie.

With pride, emotion and tears in his eyes, Larry recognized how much this film means to the place where he grew up.

”This film speaks a lot to the Midwest, it speaks a lot to Iowa, the values of Iowa, the virtues of Iowa and Mr. Kinsella loved Iowa,” he explained. “He could have written this script about someplace else, but he chose Iowa.”

The movie also impacted his family.

“The punchline of the movie, ‘Is this heaven? No, it is Iowa’, was brought up at my dad’s funeral when my kids walked into the funeral parlor and, the stained glass windows behind the casket were on and all yellow and bright, and my two boys at that time said, ‘Is this heaven?’ and your heart just drops right there because they really got it and I was able to say, ‘No, this is Iowa’,” Moore mentioned.

The movie impacted the Moore family so much he built his own little baseball field in his backyard to play with his sons.

”It was like a dream to have them come in and step into the dream too,” Moore added.

Hoping to pass along that dream for many more generations to come.

”It is my Field of Dreams and maybe someday I will be pitching to my grandchildren.”

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