Fans, players share their experience being at the Field of Dreams

Published: Aug. 13, 2021 at 7:07 AM CDT
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DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) - Fans and players really enjoyed the moment. They all got to see and experience what it was like to walk through corn and have the new Major League Baseball stadium appear at the Field of Dreams.

The Chicago White Sox beat the New York Yankees 9 - 8 Thursday night. But before first pitch, the players got a chance to see all the work done at the Field of Dreams.

“It was definitely cool,” said Tim Anderson with the White Sox. “I got to take some pictures. I got to see myself on a poster. I’m definitely enjoying the moment I think it’s gonna be fun tonight.”

“I’ve seen the movie a couple of times now,” said Aaron Judge, who hit a 3 run scoring home run in the game. “It’s one of those great baseball classics. Got the chance to meet the legends coming out of the corn. The actual field that was pretty surreal. A lot of us had our phones out we were taking videos and pictures. Have a chance take some photos of the legends are out there. I know the guys enjoyed it.”

The fans agreed, saying they were wowed by the beauty.

“The opportunity tonight to walk through that cut in the corn and want to come out here and just see the expression on the people’s face, how magical was that, to me that meant to everything in the world,” said Zak Heim from Washington, D.C.

Heim went on to say this game meant a lot for the entire state of Iowa.

“This isn’t just a Dyersville thing. This is a state of Iowa happening, right now, this entire week we had the eyes of the nation on us,” said Heim.

Many fans marveled at the number of home runs that disappeared into the corn.

“I don’t know how many there have been tonight, at least four or five and its only the fifth inning so its been great,” said another fan.

“Being here sunsetting and just kind of like at the end of the movie, pretty unbelievable,” said another fan. “The way the home runs are falling into the corn is surreal did a fantastic job and it’s cool that they didn’t touch the movie set said they kind of kept that, as it should be and they build a nice, nice field adjacent to it worked out really well.”

MLB announced the game will return next summer, but as of now we don’t know which teams will take the field.

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