People in Dyersville reflect on Field of Dreams movie shoot ahead of MLB game

Published: Aug. 12, 2021 at 6:12 AM CDT
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DYERSVILLE, Iowa (KCRG) - Dyersville is holding a two day celebration on Wednesday and Thursday in honor of Iowa’s first Major League Baseball game. The Chicago White Sox will take on the New York Yankees.

Baseball and movie fans, along with history buffs, traveled to Dyersville from all over the country to the small town. But people who were born and raised there say they have the most pride for the Field of Dreams.

“Is this heaven?” was a common phrase heard in the town. “No, it’s Iowa.”

Many from Dyersville say they remember when movie crews came to the town to film the movie in the summer of 1988, 33 years ago.

”That was interesting. You had a lot of the stars downtown,” said Ron Duetmeyer.

He remembers some of his neighbors and local business owners taking a role, even a small one, in the movie making process.

“A lot of them had cameo parts in the movie, so it was a good talking point for quite a while.”

Native Joe Ertl says the crowds remind him of when the movie was first released in 1989.

“It’s good that they can come and enjoy good, clean fun,” said Ertl.

John Winter from Marquette, says he could have bought tickets to tomorrow’s game, but would rather take in the crowd and see a game another time.

“We’re going to go to New York for four days and spend the money there,” said Winter.

As more out-of-towners come through to catch a glimpse of the famous field, people from Dyersville say they take pride in the area they grew up in.

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