One year later, some homeowners continue to seek repairs for derecho damage

Published: Aug. 10, 2021 at 11:07 PM CDT
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TRAER, Iowa (KCRG) - Trees and other debris hit homes and caused obvious damage to windows, doors, walls, and landscape. But what some homeowners didn’t immediately account for were the smaller, typically unseen parts of their house

RaeLynn Ketter, of Traer, said her home was significantly damaged by the derecho.

“Our steps were obviously off. They looked twisted, they were away from the wall, there was a gap,” Ketter said.

After investigating further, Ketter found the damage extended to a very important part of the home: the foundation.

“We continued to go look at floor joints, beams, walls, stuff like that. And we noticed we had a couple beams broken in our basement, we also noticed the buckling of our floors,” Ketter said.

Melissa Puccio, of Cedar Rapids, saw similar damage to her home. She had bought the house in May of 2021. Puccio said the seller had assured her all derecho-related damages had been repaired. But she soon found out that wasn’t the case.

“We had a tree that hit the side of the house, that with the closet we’re working on, you can still see outside from inside the closet,” Puccio said. “Our garage roof, we have a hole that we just uncovered from a tree hitting it.”

Many different homeowners offer several different reasons as to why these damages still can’t be fixed a year later. Manuel Cayro, from Bentley Strom Restoration, said it’s a result of high demand.

“All of it taking its toll on local supply, that caused some pretty long delays,” Cayro said.

Ketter said it’s because insurance has only covered a small part of the damage.

“They covered the down trees, down fences, damage done to the building, and damage done to the barn.”>

Now at the one-year mark, both homeowners and restoration companies are making progress. They are hopeful they can get repairs taken care of as soon as possible.

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