Dubuque mobile home park fights against “predatory business practices”

Published: Aug. 1, 2021 at 9:52 PM CDT
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DUBUQUE, Iowa (KCRG) - People living in the Table Mound Mobile Home park in Dubuque say they are fighting for their rights as renters against what they are calling predatory business practices. They say rent and other fees have skyrocketed since an out of state company took over the mobile home park four years ago.

One resident, Karla Krapfl has lived there for 33 years. When she first moved in, she says rent was $85 per month. Four years ago, her and her neighbors rent had gone up to $170. That was right before the park was bought by a company called Impact Communities.

“Now that they’ve come in, it’s 470 a month, and you got to pay your water, garbage and sewer,” Krapfl told TV-9.

Now, she is the president of the Table Mound Mobile Home Association. A group where residents are working to update their rights as renters to prevent out of state corporations from raising prices to a level they say they can’t afford.

“We are trying to get the laws updated to where we have more protection,” said Krapfl.

Sunday, during a meeting with the association, State Representative Lindsay James spoke to show her support.

“Our neighbors across the state are facing some horrible circumstances where they are unable to afford their rent because of these large out-of-state corporations that are seeing them as a number and as someone to exploit,” said James.

Both James and Krapfl are helping to organize groups like the Table Mound Mobile Home Association.

“We will keep doing this until they sit down and talk with us,” said Krapfl. “We don’t mind paying for stuff, but we want it to be fair and right.”

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