Western Dubuque softball team has ‘Ultimate Fun Friday’

Published: Jul. 25, 2021 at 9:57 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - One of the first things that first year Western Dubuque head coach Rex Massey did before the season was ask his team what they thought they needed to do to succeed.

“Sarah Horsfield, who had just an absolute tremendous season, came up and said something about having fun and there was a lot of pressure in softball and all those kinds of things so she wanted to have fun Fridays,” Massey said. “I kind of looked at her funny and I said well you know, I want to have a fun Friday too, but I want to have fun Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday. I said how about we have an ultimate fun Friday at the state championship.”

For the team as a whole, that was the only time they had talked about anything state championship related.

“We didn’t mention winning state ever, never,” said senior Sydney Kennedy. “We never even mentioned coming to state. We just played the way we wanted to play,”

The way they played quickly put opponents on notice, scoring the most runs in all of class 4A, and having the lowest team ERA.

“We just all want to have fun and win or lose it would happen,” Kennedy said. “We felt no pressure to win and we just played our game and that’s how it happened,”

Feeling no pressure at the state tournament is a lot easier said that done but its something that coach Massey had worked on with the team all season long.

“I promised the kids from the beginning before we ever started the season we will never have pressure playing softball,” Massey said. “We’re playing a game and I related it more to showtime I said we’re no different than the band or the choir. We have a lot of fans come and paying a lot of money to watch us have fun and so that was really our motive to just have fun and do the things we can do and hustle and fight and believe in each other and and always smile,”

That mentality eventually led to an abundance of smiles as the Bobcats finished off the season in Fort Dodge as state champions, fulfilling a prophecy made by Horsfield months ago.

“Probably like four or five months ago, I wrote on $1 bill, “We win state,” Horsfield said. “I was just at work one day and my friend just talked about like manifesting what you want to do and just watching the team, I knew that we could go far so I just wanted to see if I’d write it down and it’d come true and it did,”

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