Solon Beef Days returns, ready for the 50th event

Updated: Jul. 16, 2021 at 6:21 PM CDT
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SOLON, Iowa (KCRG) - Sometimes when learning about a news story, one can research it online and think they have a sense of the legacy.

Then we met Jean Stinocher, a jewel of information on Solon Beef Days. She’s 87 now and has lived in Solon since 1953.

When Solon Beef Days started in 1971, Jean and her husband, Bob, were there. She has the newspaper clippings, the t-shirts, and Bob’s old note pads, filled with excruciating details about the planning that went into pulling off this event each year.

“It brought people together to have fun,” Stinocher said. “To celebrate together and have food. I’ve been involved with the auxiliary food tent from day one. Coleslaw, mashed potatoes, gravy, rolls, butter.”

Then she points out to Main Street from our perch on a park bench.

“The steaks were cooked out here,” Stinocher said.

Jean also took us through some of those note pads the seed corn companies would give them. Her husband, Bob, would write out the attendance for the Solon Beef Days committee meetings. His last note pad was from 2015 before his passing the following year.

“It’s kind of hard to decipher his handwriting,” Jean notes, with a smile and also a connection of their bond for decades.

Just be ready for Solon Beef Days 2021, for July 16 and 17. After having to call off the 2020 event because of the pandemic, the final days and hours of prep work are in place.

“We’re a non-profit so all of our revenue goes back to the organizations to support them,” Denise Bruck, this year’s president of the event, said. “It’s an all-volunteer organization. People who help out do it for Beef Days.”

With plenty of protein to go with the rides, entertainment and welcome return.

“We plan to have 800 steak dinners this year,” Bruck said.

Don Ellis has served as the treasurer for 46 years, nearly going back to the start. As a banker, his job is to watch the finances. He notes this part of everyone’s budget to take in this weekend that brings out the best of Solon.

“There is no cover charge for our bands,” Ellis said. “Spend as much or as little as you want.”

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