Working Iowa: CCR looking to add more than 23 positions in Cedar Rapids

Published: Jul. 5, 2021 at 12:21 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - CCR in Cedar Rapids provides a number of technology solutions, whether it be IT support, connectivity or media monitoring. Just this year alone, it’s seen a 30 percent growth in business. With that growth, comes the need for more employees. They’re looking to hire at least 23 people.

“We’re looking for networking roles with networking skills to work in our network operations center,” said Heidi Hromdiko, vice president of human resources. “We’re also looking for farm technologies to really transform the farm with technology. We’re looking for internal IT support, as well, to support our team members and their experience with technology. Then we’re looking for some project management roles to deal with some telecommunications projects.”

Basic IT skills are highly encouraged, but CCR says those skills are hard to find right now. The company has a program in place to help people look for new opportunities.

“Even if they apply for one role, maybe they are overqualified and we have another role open,” Hromdiko said. “Or maybe they don’t quite have the skills for that role, we’ll look at other opportunities for them.”

CCR is also developing its own internship program to provide a foundational level set of skills. Technical coordinator Britt Johnson says the company is growing like never before. He said the need is urgent for people who have a desire and passion for technology.

“We’re providing some training with a vendor-neutral environment and getting certification. So we have, across the board, the same fundamental skill sets,” Johnson said.

CCR also works closely with Kirkwood Community College and the DeltaV coding school to provide opportunities, as well.

“So, as students get that education experience, we can give them some work experience, so it’s very important,” Hromdiko said.

Whatever the experience, a mindset centered around growth will help anyone succeed.

“With technology, it’s always changing,” Hromdiko said. “So we’re really looking for people that want to grow and learn, that are really creative, risk-takers. We’re really paving new paths in technology, so we’re really for those people that want to try new things.”

The company has frameworks in place to help its employees grow--a leadership framework and a specialist framework.

“Maybe if you don’t want to be a leader, but you want to grow in your knowledge then we have some frameworks to start at the basic level,” Hromdiko said.

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