Our Town: Cedar Falls home to state’s fastest Internet speeds

Published: Jun. 25, 2021 at 8:56 AM CDT
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CEDAR FALLS, Iowa (KCRG) - Cedar Falls is the first community in Iowa and one of the first across the country to be able to offer 10-gigabyte internet speeds. That puts Cedar Falls in great competition with other cities across the country.

The roots of Cedar Falls Utilities’ Internet service date back to the 1990s. Eventually, the community voted to charter CFU to build its own operating system. But by the mid-2000s, there was so much growth, that the original system started to bottleneck. So from 2010 to 2013, it built fiber to nearly every home and business in Cedar Falls.

Just last year, the company upgraded again to 10-gig capabilities in the community.

“Our timeline is going to continue to expand here,” said Steve Bernard. “Who knows what’s next? That’s why part of our job is to build our system have, have expansive, reliable with great capacity and then see what our customers will do with. So our customers are going to determine what that timeline looks like in the future. "

He says this service has been extremely important for businesses and schools during the COVID-19 pandemic.

CFU says its standard home and business internet speed is now 250 megabits per second.

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