Solon baseball team has special bond with their home ballpark

Published: Jun. 24, 2021 at 10:21 PM CDT
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SOLON, Iowa (KCRG) - The Solon Spartans are good no matter where they play. That explains their state ranking of six. But there’s something special about playing at home.

“It’s kind of like a sacred ground actually because we take such good care of this place,” said senior Carson Shive.

The team has done far more than just play at the facility. After the derecho, a full-scale rebuild and upgrade process began.

“Our school board really stepped up, our parents, boosters, individuals, contractors, materials people, alumni donating money,” McSweeney explained.

Over the past year, the team took shifts volunteering with other community members constructing just about everything, from the brick in the backstop to the roof on the dugout.

“The first wall right there, I helped lay that brick,” said senior Jackson Ryan.

“Probably put upwards of about 100 hours, volunteer wise, and again they weren’t just standing around they were getting their hands dirty,” McSweeney said.

So much commitment strengthened a bond that not every team has with their own field. A goal for any team is to leave the program in a better place than you found it, this year’s team can have living proof that they did

“They have ownership in this facility,” McSweeney said. “10 years down the line, they’ll come back here and they know their legacy and they’ll say hey I, I helped with that mortar, hey I helped with that concrete, you know I put that roof on that dug out, and you know I put that seed mat down and so those kinds of things last forever and that’s what it’s all about.”

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