Posters for Xavior Harrelson spread across Iowa

Updated: Jun. 9, 2021 at 4:58 AM CDT
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MONTEZUMA, Iowa (KCRG) - In Montezuma, downtown windows are full of posters about Xavior Harrelson, the 11-year-old boy who has been missing since late May.

Almost two weeks into the search for Xavior, the posters continue to spread Xavior’s face online, in businesses’ windows, and at busy gas stations, even to places beyond Poweshiek County.

“The FBI got involved, more and more people started talking about it,” Chase Elder, who lives in Sigourney, said. “I think social media has been the place I’ve seen and heard the most.”

He said he has friends who live in Montezuma, and heard the news that Xavior was missing soon after it was reported.

“People are thinking about it, it’s small-town Iowa, we don’t have a lot of stuff like that happen, so it is, you know, when you see something like that it is kind of a big deal. Yeah, it’s hard,” Elder said.

He also said it’s good to see posters up, like those at a gas station in Williamsburg, on his way home from work.

“Somebody could legitimately see him and not know, so it is, especially a high traffic area like this, definitely I’d say it’s a good thing,” Elder said.

The posters are keeping people across the county on the lookout, like Mia and Drew Stalnacker, who stopped in Williamsburg on their way home to California.

“Now he’s on my mind, if we do another stop, or we just happen to see a kid that kinda looks like him in a car or something I might wanna call it in just to see, just to be safe,” Mia said.

“I think of my 13-year-old son, I can only imagine what the parents are going through,” Drew said.

As the search continues, the posters encourage people to keep their eyes open for any information.

The Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office confirmed that a fund for the reward for information that leads to the discovery of the whereabouts of Xavior Harrelson had been established. More details about the reward are expected to be released on Wednesday, June 9.

Officials said Harrelson was last seen at around 11:00 a.m. on Thursday, May 27. He was last known to be wearing a red t-shirt, blue pajama pants, and black high-top shoes. He has brown hair and blue eyes, and he is about 4′8″ tall and 100 pounds.

Anyone with any information related to Xavior’s disappearance should call the Poweshiek County Sheriff’s Office at 641-623-2107.

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