Immigration rights advocates march in Des Moines

Published: May. 2, 2021 at 2:13 PM CDT
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DES MOINES Iowa (KCCI) - Dozens of immigration advocates marched at the Iowa Statehouse on Saturday, according to a report by KCCI.

But the group’s focus was on the White House, where marchers want to see immigration reform. Specifically, a path to citizenship for all people living in the country undocumented.

And LULAC Political Director Joe Henry said people are tired of delays.

“We can’t wait for elected leaders to make the decision,” Henry said. “We have to push them to do the right thing. Over 20 years, many undocumented immigrants have raised families, now have children who are U.S. citizens who were born here. But yet their parents, their aunts and uncles are still undocumented.”

Mary Chinchilla showed up dressed in a way that reflects multiple cultures that makes up who she is.

“I am a Mexirican. I am Mexican Puerto Rican,” Chinchilla said. “I love both of my cultures. But I’m also an American. To me, we are one.”

That was a vision also displayed by other marchers who waved American flags.

Henry said he believed the millions in the country who are undocumented deserve citizenship for their contributions.

“Not only in agriculture but in the service sector, construction, many different aspects of the economy have helped rebuild our economy and fueled our economy, especially here in Iowa,” Henry said. “So it’s very unfair not to provide undocumented immigrants with legal status.”

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