Tipton family offering $1,500 for return of missing Great Dane

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 11:15 PM CDT
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TIPTON, Iowa (KCRG) - A Tipton family is desperately looking for their missing dog and offering a $1,500 reward for whoever finds him.

Moose, a 150-pound, black Great Dane, disappeared from the Mechanicsville area last Thursday and hasn’t been seen since.

His owner, Colleen Killen, has spent much of the last five days looking for him around eastern Iowa, including in Cedar, Linn, and Jones counties.

“I haven’t slept or really anything,” Killen said. “We’ve just been gone, spending at least 13 hours almost every day looking for him.”

Moose has been part of Killen’s life since he was an eight-week-old puppy, and she said he is a member of the family, getting his own tree and presents on Christmas and celebrating his second birthday just a few weeks ago. She describes him as goofy, kind, and perfect.

But Killen said what she loves most about Moose is what he means to her 11-year-old son, Landon, who has autism and is nonverbal.

“He’s not trained to be emotional support, but clearly, he is,” Killen said of Moose. “They lay together. That’s just something that Landon can rely on, and so with him not being there, it’s just caused a lot of upset.”

Now Moose’s absence is starting to weigh heavily on Landon, Killen said.

She said he was too upset to focus in his speech class Monday, a session he normally looks forward to and enjoys.

“There’s definitely a big change, and Landon is starting to notice it now, so it’s been really rough,” she said.

Killen has so many questions about Moose’s disappearance, including how nobody has reported seeing him or knows what happened to him.

But at this point, the only answer she truly wants is just to have her dog back.

“That’s my fear is that he got hit, and people just left him,” Killen said. “But if they could just, like, put him somewhere visible, so I can properly bury him. Or if they have him, just bring him back, or put him somewhere, tie him to something visible for people. Just so that he can come home regardless.”

Anyone who has seen Moose should call Killen at 563-219-5070.

She said she doesn’t know if her dog will approach people besides her and Landon.

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