Cedar Rapids man has two vehicles stolen from driveway in a week

Published: Apr. 20, 2021 at 7:25 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -A Cedar Rapids man had two vehicles stolen from his driveway in a week, and it’s all on camera. Tom Wallander shared his video with TV-9 in hopes someone will recognize whoever is responsible for taking his Jeep Wrangler and his Chevy Silverado pickup truck.

“The guy come out, and walked down here. Walked right to my Jeep, got in there, dug through it, the spare set of keys must have been in the center column. And all of the sudden it starts up, backs up, rams my blue car here and runs over the front of her car, and takes off,” Wallander described.

Tire marks can still be seen in his yard.

Wallander told us he woke up to police officers at his door early in the morning on April 12th because the vehicle was suspected in a hit and run all while he slept, he never knew the Jeep had left his driveway.

Officers recovered it but it was not drivable.

“You can’t turn it nowhere because they broke the steering box. So I have it towed,” Wallander explained.

He told us the keys the thief took from the console also had a spare key on them to his pickup.

“I was like well they’re not brave enough to come back, I mean I make sure the cameras are all working still, everything’s good,” Wallander thought.

He said he ordered new locks for his truck, which hadn’t arrived. Then Monday, this happened.

You can see a man walk up the driveway, get into the pickup and moments later, he takes off. Wallander’s second vehicle taken in a week.

“About 8:30 yesterday morning the State Patrol called and said hey we found your truck on the side of the road in Brooklyn,” Wallender said.

His truck was found almost 60 miles away.

“They stole all my tools, you know they stole speakers, they stole everything out of my truck,” Wallender told us.

He believes there was more than one person involved during both incidents and that they staked out the area before making their move. In each case, a vehicle can be seen driving by his home slowly, in the first instance a person appears to be dropped off by a white car, who waited for them to take the jeep and then followed them out. In the second case, a black truck with blacked out wheels can be seen circling the area multiple times.

“Yesterday I come out, my trucks gone, the jeep don’t run, this one don’t run and the other one don’t run because they’re not mine I’m fixing them. And I have no vehicle to go anywhere,” Wallender told us.

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