Coralville organization helping to support families experiencing pregnancy or infant loss

Published: Apr. 15, 2021 at 6:49 PM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) -A family in Cedar Rapids is coping with the loss of their infant with the help of the nonprofit, No Foot Too Small. The organization formed seven years ago and works to connect families who have experienced pregnancy or infant loss.

“We knew that there was something going on with our ultrasound, her measurements were small,” Averi Bauer explained. She got the news at her 20-week appointment.

“She suspected that our child had a chromosomal abnormality,” Bauer recalled. After the appointment, she called her husband Chris.

“Just an unexpected phone call and heart-wrenching,” Chris told us.

The couple have two healthy daughters and couldn’t have imagined baby number three would be any different.

“There’s a good chance that she might not make it to full term and there’s a good chance even if she does that she won’t survive the birth. And even if she survives the birth, it could be seconds, minutes, hours, days,” Chris remembers being told.

Cora was born in September at full term. She survived the birth and from the outside looked normal.

“We thought at first that maybe the doctors are wrong somehow,” Chris explained.

“Hours after birth she just slowly faded,” he added.

Cora was born with Edwards’ syndrome and her heart wasn’t functioning properly. She lived for about 10 hours surrounded by loved ones.

As the family copes, they’re leaning on connections made through No Foot Too Small, who has even met virtually during the pandemic.

“There’s no timetable on that loss so it could be miscarriage, stillbirth, there’s a variety of loses,” said Ali Maahs, Director of Family Support at NFTS.

They’re holding a Good Grief conference on Friday. People can register for it online and it is open to anyone who is grieving.

“It could be job loss, it could be losing a parent, it could be anything,” Maahs explained.

Chris and Averi Bauer plan to attend. On top of losing a child, going through the pandemic, and the derecho, the couple also relocated to Iowa from Texas this past year and the new connections they’ve made through the organization have really helped them get through this time.

“It’s positivity right, but with empathy at the same time,” Chris told TV-9.

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