Jack Dreyer doubles as Iowa’s star pitcher and Rubiks Cube artist

Published: Apr. 14, 2021 at 6:56 PM CDT
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IOWA CITY, Iowa (KCRG) - On the diamond, Jack Dreyer is known for nothing less than being the Hawkeyes ace pitcher. Before sustaining a season ending injury, Dreyer was the guy they counted on most, with a specialty of making batters swing and miss.

Baseball has always been his strongest passion, but you’d be surprised with what takes up most of his time off the field.

Sophomore year of high school was the first time he picked up one of his parent’s Rubiks Cube. Years later, it takes him less than 25 seconds to solve one. Dreyer fell in love right away, and has even entered competitions, his fastest time just under 14 seconds.

“In the cubing community, I wouldn’t be considered all that fast,” Dreyer said.

For Dreyer, his passion goes beyond just solving the cubes for speed.

“I just call it making a cube mural,” he said.

With a collection of more than 800 cubes he keeps on a bookshelf, Dreyer turns them into art, one cube at a time.

“At most a cube will take 15 seconds,” Dreyer said. “Obviously there are a lot of cubes that just stay solved and they are a solid color, those ones are nice,”

Finding subjects for his murals is the easy part, Dreyer takes on whoever is trending at the moment to try and get the most eyes on his work.

“When I made Lil Nas, he had just come out with “Old Town Road” and that was the most popular song for awhile, so I made him,” Dreyer explained.

After finding a picture he likes, Dreyer goes immediately to his phone for a special application that helps him map out his mural.

“There’s this pixel app for kids, it’s meant to teach them how to draw,” said Dreyer “It will pixelate the image into any amount of pixels that you want,”

Designing can take more than eight hours, with the actual construction taking anywhere from another two to four hours. Once he’s finished, he snaps a picture and then destroys it.

“It’s kind of satisfying just to see a piece of art just go into chaos until the next one,” Dreyer said.

His ultimate goal is to one day not have to destroy his art, but to sell it. On top of hoping to be a professional baseball player, Dreyer hopes to be a professional, sponsored by Rubiks.

“The actual term that they use is an ambassador,” he said. “So I would be a Rubiks Cube ambassador. You need a certain amount of following and people to click on your work online,”

The professional aspirations will have to wait. For now, it continues as a hobby. With about 15 murals fully complete, and dozens more in his head, Dreyer isn’t planning to stop this skilled unique hobby, anytime soon.

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