Working Iowa: Infinity, Inc. to hire as many as 100 people over 6 months

A Cedar Rapids sales agency says it has dozens of positions open right now.
Published: Apr. 12, 2021 at 7:49 AM CDT
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Get customers. Keep customers.

That’s the motto at Cedar Rapids-based Infinity Inc. The company serves as a liaison for businesses who are trying to sell their products.

“We have a team of individuals that drives sales for other companies that hire us as a third party to sell their products,” said Agency Sales Director Zach Calif. “We also have retention and customer service teams that help to retain the business that we sold.”

The company employs about 70 people at its headquarters in Cedar Rapids. Most of them are working from home right now due to COVID-19. It also has a location near Detroit.

Calif said the Cedar Rapids location is looking to hire as many as a hundred people over the next 6 months. He says it’s all because of the company’s focus during the pandemic.

“We didn’t do any layoffs, we didn’t do any pay cuts,” he said. “We really invested in growing the business at that time when we knew a lot of other competitors were struggling. We’re seeing those come to fruition and we’re starting to win more business.”

The new positions include account executives, customer service, management, quality, training, and analytic support functions. Calif says no matter your background, there’s a place for you.

“We have a lot of success with people that have been in the teaching field. We have a lot of success with people that have been in the automotive business, we’ve had a lot of success with people with digital marketing backgrounds,” he said.

The company uses a screening process to make sure they place new hires in the right positions.

“[We] really make sure they have a good understanding of what they’re getting into for a job,” Calif said. “We might be interviewing somebody for one position and realize this person would be great in this role, or in that role. We pivot accordingly.”

The company provides plenty of opportunities to move up the ladder. It’s something Stephanie Earle has experienced. She started in sales in 2011 before quickly working her way to administrative assistant.

“They helped me grow and gave me opportunities to try different things,” she said. “I might even help with training at times for the onboarding for Infinity.”

Calif compares Inifinity’s environment to that of a baseball team.

“It’s absolutely team-driven, but by individual contributors,” he said.

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