With new opportunity at Liberty, James Harris hopes to bring “Class & Toughness” to Lightning football

Published: Mar. 31, 2021 at 11:04 PM CDT
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NORTH LIBERTY, Iowa (KCRG) - In three seasons, James Harris went 21-7 with the Washington Demons. When the Liberty job opened up, it was an opportunity too good to pass up.

“I think when you look at a brand new school that’s writing its own history, you know, the opportunity to be a part of that is really exciting,” Harris said, moments after his first team meeting with the Liberty football players.

“We look for people that we think are gonna fit, and he’s definitely a fit for us,” said Liberty Athletic Director Mike Morrison.

Excuses don’t fly under Harris’ watch, just look at how successful the Demons were with Trashuan Willis as quarterback. Willis led the Demons to an 8-1 record, doing it all with just one arm.

“Just what Trashaun brings with that no excuses mentality, and focuses on what he can control and being the best version of what he can do right? If you’ve got something that hurting, I’ve seen people overcome more I guess is the example he can show,” Harris said.

Gone are the days of Liberty’s youth as a program serving as an excuse.

“We’re going into year five next year. It’s time for us to take care of take care of business make sure you are the best that we can be and continue to work hard and improve,” Morrison said.

The ultimate goal for Harris beyond winning is to make Liberty football known for two things. Class and toughness.

“How we’re going to get there is through commitment to excellence, through commitment to our weight room, commitment to being great student athletes, and commitment to being servant leaders in our community.”

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