Working Iowa: At least 15 jobs open at East Iowa Machine Company in Farley

Eastern Iowa Machine Company in Farley, Iowa, says it needs to hire at least 15 people due to increased demand.
Published: Mar. 29, 2021 at 7:31 AM CDT
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FARLEY, Iowa (KCRG) - In the small town of Farley, Iowa, you’ll find the East Iowa Machine Company (EIMCO). It produces parts that are then sent to heavy equipment manufacturers.

From welders to laser operators to fabricators, there are lots of moving parts at EIMCO. The company employees about 150 people. That includes Chad Gehl, who has been a utility worker for about 24 years. Oftentimes, he works in several areas during the day.

“When somebody takes off, I fill in for their position,” he said. “I might jump to 5 different jobs before 4:15 rolls around. It’s fun because I’m not doing the same thing every day.”

But he says the company is short-staffed right now.

“I’m running a machine more than I’m supposed to be doing something else right now,” he said.

CEO Mike Burgess says the need to hire comes from several different factors, which includes overall growth. But the pandemic has also contributed.

“We initially saw a decrease, just because overall demand for our customers was affected,” Burgess said. “But because the customers we support are primarily essential businesses, we did actually see some customers that had a little bit of a spike in demand recently.”

All that demand means a big increase in workload. Burgess said the culture at EIMCO is very-family oriented and reflects the hard-working community of Farley.

Eric Farmer just joined the company about 8 months ago. He says that type of environment has been a big part of his success.

“If I had questions, people were more than willing to help me out,” Farmer said. “Be patient, things can get very frustrating in a quick hurry.”

The company is looking to hire at least 15 more people. The biggest demand is in the machine department. Most positions require little-to-no experience. Chad Gehl says the first day can be a little overwhelming, but there’s plenty of training.

“It does feel more comfortable every day you’re here, so that’s why I’m still here after all the years,” he said.

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