Advocacy group pushes Iowa lawmakers to pass bill eliminating sex abuse statutes of limitations

Published: Mar. 15, 2021 at 8:21 AM CDT
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DES MOINES, Iowa (KCCI) - A nationwide children’s advocacy group is calling on Iowa lawmakers to pass a bill that would eliminate both civil and criminal statutes of limitations for child sexual abuse.

Leaders of ‘Child U.S. Advocacy’ say Iowa’s current statutes of limitations are some of the worst in the country at protecting children and punishing abusers.

Under Iowa law, victims have until age 33 to press criminal charges, but they only have four years after they discovered they were abused to file a civil suit.

Senate File 572 would allow victims to sue or press charges at any age. It would also allow a three-year window for adults abused as children to file claims.

Kathryn Robb with ‘Child U.S. Advocacy’ says the bill will shed light on the issue and identify unknown predators.

“Why should perpetrators be protected by the passage of time, yet survivors suffer in perpetuity? I mean, if you think about it that way, really Iowa needs to respond,” Robb said.

The bill passed through a senate committee making it through funnel week, but there’s no timetable on when or if lawmakers will bring it to the Senate floor.

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