Iowa acknowledges Pastor Diane Koger for Women’s History Month

Published: Mar. 4, 2021 at 1:35 AM CST
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OTTUMWA, Iowa (KYOU) - “I believe that you need to empower yourself so that you can leave a legacy to help other women.”

Pastor Diane Koger says when she became the state of Iowa’s first female pastor three years ago she was delighted but it was something others need to get adjusted to.

“Upon accepting the position I met with my mentors and they said did you know you’re the first African American female Baptist pastor in the state of Iowa? And do you know that’s not the norm? And so now I’m up against these elbows and these men the good old boys. They’re saying hi sister this and sister that and I’m like its pastor Koger.”

Pastor Koger gives credit to her mother when it comes to confidence and strength.

“Even though inside I may be shaking, my mother always empowered with words that are not spoken. That means have your mannerisms right, sit up straight, feel it and own it you know.”

Unfortunately, her mother passed in mid-April due to covid and due to the pandemic, she wasn’t able to attend the service or see family. To help her through the grieving process she decided to write a book.

“I decided I’m going to write a book in honor of my mom and it was healing just by me rehearing her words.”

50% of the proceeds from the book are going to gift baskets for those who lost a loved one during the pandemic.

The virtual book launch will be Saturday, March 6th at 3 PM via zoom. For the link and more information on the book contact Pastor Diane Koger at or call 515-422-6214.

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