Family of stabbing victim said this is a case of domestic abuse

Published: Feb. 24, 2021 at 10:26 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Wednesday afternoon the family of 34-year-old Katrina Brinson, who died Saturday after police said she was stabbed by 39-year-old Arnell States, gave insight into what happened.

The stabbing took place Saturday morning at the Rodeway Inn motel on the Southwest side of Cedar Rapids.

Police say State stabbed Brinson and one of her friends. He then fled the scene. Brinson was able to inform the police that State was the person responsible for the stabbing. The two victims were then taken to the hospital.

Brinson passed away from her injuries shortly after. Police confronted States. That was when they said he threatened them. The officer fired his weapon. States died from his injuries on Tuesday.

“She was saying that she was trapped and couldn’t get away,” said her mother, Barbra Brinson.

Barbra and her other daughter Jaslyne, Katrina’s sister, said there was a lot more to their daughter’s story than how it ended. Specifically, the last 24 hours of her life.

“My daughter called me at 5 in the morning saying that she and States were arrested,” said Brinson.

Police said the two were physically fighting and were arrested for domestic violence. However, they couldn’t determine who the aggressor was. The prosecutor’s office didn’t file charges, and the couple was released from custody around 10 AM Friday.

“They should have kept him in jail and had some type of bond, but they didn’t,” said Jaslyne.

She said her sister didn’t return to her home she shared with States and their six children. Instead, she checked into the Rodeway Inn Motel in southwest Cedar Rapids. Her husband showed up within an hour with a knife.

“She was scared to go home,” said Jaslyne. “She kept saying she didn’t want to go home. The police never remove him from the home when she calls them.”

The couple’s relationship had been violent for more than a year.

“We could hear it even when they were in the backyard,” said Krystyna Haferbecker, Katrina’s neighbor. “She was trying to get out, but there was no way out. The police didn’t care enough about the situation to keep them apart.”

While Barbra and her daughter continue to grieve for Katrina and her six children, they wanted others trapped in a dangerous situation to get the help they need and deserve.

“When a person starts talking down to you, trying to isolate you from your family, and begins to beat on you, it doesn’t get any better,” said Barbra. “It gets worse. I am a living example. I lost my daughter. She was 34-years-old and had 6-babies. They were now without a mother. Her youngest was 3 years old. He asked me last night where his mom was. He doesn’t understand that she is gone.”

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