Sen. Grassley defends previous decision not to hold hearings on Merrick Garland for Supreme Court

Grassley supports Biden's Treasury Secretary nominee
Grassley supports Biden's Treasury Secretary nominee
Published: Feb. 22, 2021 at 1:02 PM CST
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WASHINGTON, D.C, (KCRG) - Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley spoke at the Senate Judiciary Committee’s confirmation hearing for Merrick Garland as President Biden’s pick for attorney general on Monday.

Sen. Grassley acknowledged the last time Garland was nominated to the Supreme Court by President Obama, Grassley and his Republican colleagues chose not to hold the hearing on his nomination.

He defended the decision saying,

“As you recall, it was an election year with a dividing Converse, the position I took was consistent with previously public publicly expressed positions, by other senators and democratic senators. Previous to that. So yes it’s true that I didn’t give Judge Garland hearing. I also didn’t mischaracterize his record. I didn’t attack his character. I didn’t go through his high school yearbook. I didn’t make his wife leave the airing in tears. I took a position on areas that I started doing. I admire public servants, just because I disagreed with anyone being nominated didn’t mean that I had to be disagreeable to that nominee. Unfortunately, that’s not always the way it works in this town and has great political division. Judge Garland is here. And we’re here to talk about his nomination to the Attorney General. And I extend a warm welcome to Judge Garland, and your family and friends, probably very honored.”

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