Grubhub driver reminds people to clear pathways of snow after falling multiple times while on deliveries

A local Grubhub driver wants to remind people to clear their walkways, stairs, and driveways before they place an order for delivery.
Published: Feb. 17, 2021 at 5:20 AM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Ani Karg delivers around Cedar Rapids for Grubhub. She said she’s fallen twice within the past week from people not clearing a path, so she can deliver.

Karg said she fell Friday while on a delivery and then again on Monday, both times from people not clearing a path to get to their door.

When she fell again on Monday, Karg said she hit her head and was holding back tears while giving a man his food, and said often times after a winter storm the snow will be shin deep, and she has to tread through it to get to someone’s door.

”A lot of people will have their driveway shoveled, but then there’s a lot that don’t have anything shoveled. There’s not a driveway, sidewalk or anything and you just kind of have to guess how you’re going to get to the front of their steps to leave their food,” Karg said.

She hasn’t reported her falls to Grubhub yet, but said she is going to.

Karg said she can text those she delivers to, so she’s going to start messaging them to come get their food outside if there isn’t a clear and safe pathway to get to the door.

She was planning to go back out on deliveries on Tuesday, but she was nervous, saying she’s still recovering and in a lot of pain from her most recent falls.

Dennis VanDerGinst, a personal injury attorney and the CEO of VanDerGinst Law, said in his practice it’s common in the winter to get calls from people who were injured from falls, most commonly in parking lots.

He says anytime someone is injured to the extent they have to receive medical attention, they should consider getting an attorney.

VanDerGinst said homeowners can be liable for creating a dangerous situation, such as not clearing their walkways within a reasonable period of time.

He says in situations like Karg’s, it’s important to gather evidence of where you were and what the conditions were like at the time.

”You need to gather the evidence necessary to prove your case, so right away you would want to get photos of the condition of the property if she or someone in a similar situation is able to do so at that time,” VanDerGinst said.

If someone is injured while they’re working, VanDerGinst said there’s potential workers’ compensation, but if that’s not available the next step would be a personal injury claim with an attorney.

When it’s this cold outside, be mindful that salt may not be as effective to clear your pathways. The Iowa DOT reports that once temperatures drop lower than 10 degrees, salt melts much slower and can become ineffective.

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