Alliant Energy says eastern Iowans do not need to worry about rolling blackouts

Published: Feb. 16, 2021 at 5:42 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Cold weather and snow in large portions of the country including southern states like Texas and Oklahoma has caused a strain on power grids leading some areas to issue rolling blackouts in an effort to conserve energy.

We sat down with Alliant Energy spokesperson Mike Wagner to ask if eastern Iowans need to be conserving energy due to the conditions.

“We’ve looked at our projections and we believe we have a sufficient supply of natural gas and electricity to meet our customer’s needs. I think it never really hurts to conserve energy. You know if you think about it we’ve been in this cold snap for I think like 9 days, 10 days and our furnaces have been running nonstop so any conservation efforts we can make are definitely going to help when that bill comes,” Wagner told us.

We also asked about rolling blackouts and whether that’s something eastern Iowans should be concerned about.

“Alliant Energy is not scheduling any rolling blackouts at this time. We have a sufficient supply of energy for natural gas and electricity to meet our customers needs so we don’t believe that’s necessary at this time and if it was necessary we would communicate that with our customers,” Wagner says.

Members of the Southwest Power Pool are currently part of the energy emergency which does include parts of western Iowa but the TV-9 viewing area is not part of that market.

Still, energy companies in our area like Alliant Energy and MidAmerican are asking people to conserve where they can as winter continues.

“You know one of the simple things you can do is just turn your thermostat down a couple degrees. You know I don’t think there’s anything anymore about a set temperature, kind of go with what you’re comfortable but if you can turn it down a couple degrees maybe put on an extra layer of clothing to kind of keep things cooler that will help conserve your energy use,” Wagner told us.

Some other tips Alliant Energy passed along include:

  • Open your shades during the day to let the sun come in. Close them at night to help retain heat.
  • Seal windows and block drafts around doorways.
  • Turn off fans. Kitchen and bath ventilating fans can blow out a house-full of heated air if left on.
  • As long as you have heat coming out of your registers, do not panic if the temperature inside your home is falling,
  • Keep garage doors closed.
  • Limit opening your exterior doors.
  • Make sure air vents and radiators are not blocked or obstructed.
  • Keep the intake and exhaust clear of ice and snow.
  • Do not use your oven or grill to heat your home.

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