Ernst issues statement on Trump acquittal, questioning constitutionality of impeachment trial

Ernst and Grassley issue statements following votes to acquit Trump
Published: Feb. 13, 2021 at 5:15 PM CST
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WASHINGTON (KCRG) -Iowa’s Junior Senator Joni Ernst has issued a statement on Twitter following the U.S. Senate’s vote to acquit former President Donald Trump in his 2nd impeachment trial.

Ernst, along with Iowa Senator Chuck Grassley, voted to find the former president not guilty. 57 senators voted to find Trump guilty, while 43 voted not guilty. A total of 67 guilty votes would have been needed for Trump to be convicted.

In her statement, Erst wrote that “I swear an oath to the Constitution, an oath I do not take lightly” and that “The Constitution clearly states that impeachment is for removing a president from office. The bottom line for this impeachment trial: Donald Trump is no longer in office...I strongly believe Congress should not be in the business of treating impeachment as a political tool to enact partisan revenge, and if it were to do so, Congress would set a very dangerous precedent, one that is inconsistent with the Constitution I swear an oath to.”

Earlier on Saturday, Ernst expressed her frustration with the impeachment trial, telling a New York Times reporter the trial was a “total, total s*** show.”

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