With more snow on the way, here’s a look at snowfall so far this season

Published: Jan. 28, 2021 at 12:36 PM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - With more snow on the way this weekend, we went back and looked at how much snow we’ve had so far this season.

In Cedar Rapids, we have received around 27.3″ of snow which Is 9.0″ above average for the season so far. Dubuque has our highest total at 37.5″, which is 13.9″ above average. Waterloo has received 28.8″ of snow, which is also above average by around 8.2″. Iowa City has also picked up 23.5″, which is 7.4″ above average.

The table below shows how much snow multiple locations across eastern Iowa have received so far this season.

When a location has a number and direction, that indicates how many miles from the city center the report was. For example, “3 NNE Cedar Rapids” was reported three miles north-northeast of the center of Cedar Rapids. If a location isn’t listed, it’s because there was not a report from there.

AINSWORTH 7.4 NWashington County11.6
AMANA 4.7 WIowa County27
ANAMOSA 3 SSWJones County25.8
BELLE PLAINEBenton County16.3
BELLEVUE L AND D 12Jackson County28.1
BETTENDORF 1.6 WScott County13.9
CALAMUS 2.0 NEClinton County21.1
CALMAR NEWinneshiek County11.5
CAMANCHE 1.2 WClinton County11.2
CASCADEDubuque County19
CEDAR FALLS 0.4 WNWBlack Hawk County12.4
CEDAR RAPIDS 2.7 NELinn County22.7
CEDAR RAPIDS NO 1Linn County27.3
CENTER JUNCTION 2.6 WJones County25.2
CENTER POINT 0.6 NNWLinn County14.4
CENTRAL CITYLinn County22.4
CENTRAL CITY 6.7 WLinn County15.6
CHARLOTTE 1.9 WNWClinton County16.3
CLINTON NO 1Clinton County19.2
CORALVILLE 1.3 SEJohnson County12.9
CORALVILLE 1.4 SJohnson County33.9
DAVENPORT 0.9 WNWScott County12.2
DAVENPORT WFOScott County22.2
DE WITTClinton County11
DECORAHWinneshiek County12.7
DECORAH 4.9SEWinneshiek County13.9
DECORAH 7.9 ENEWinneshiek County14.6
DUBUQUE #3Dubuque County37.2
DUBUQUE L & D 11Dubuque County20.8
ELDRIDGE 0.7 SSWScott County16.2
ELKADER 6 SSWClayton County22.4
ELMAHoward County11.8
ELY 0.5 SELinn County23.7
FAIRFAX 4.0 NWBenton County18.4
FAYETTEFayette County17.7
GILBERTVILLE 1.0 NWBlack Hawk County15.9
GUTTENBERG L AND D 10Clayton County24.8
HARPERS FERRY 6.4 SSWAllamakee County14
HOPKINTON 5.4 WSWDelaware County19.4
INDEPENDENCE 0.9 WNWBuchanan County11.5
IONIA 2 WChickasaw County7.5
IOWA CITYJohnson County23.5
IOWA CITY 1.1 SEJohnson County18.1
LE CLAIRE 1.8 NNEScott County13.8
LOWDENCedar County34.7
MANCHESTER #2Delaware County22.2
MAQUOKETAJackson County27.5
MARENGOIowa County3.8
MARENGO 2.6 SSWIowa County18.5
MARION 1.7 NNWLinn County9
MONONA 9.8 NAllamakee County12.8
MONTICELLOJones County28
MOUNT AUBURN 2.2 NNWBenton County9
MUSCATINEMuscatine County13.7
MUSCATINE 2.1 NMuscatine County11.6
MUSCATINE 2NMuscatine County17
NEW HAMPTONChickasaw County16.5
NEW HAMPTON 0.3 NNWChickasaw County11.6
NEW HAMPTON 0.4 SWChickasaw County15.5
NEW LONDON 1.5 SWHenry County9
NORTH ENGLISHIowa County14.8
NORTH LIBERTY 0.7 SSWJohnson County24.5
OELWEIN 1EFayette County19.3
OSKALOOSAMahaska County10.1
OSKALOOSA 7.5 SWMahaska County14
PARK VIEW 0.2 WSWScott County17.3
PARNELL 0.1 SSWIowa County19.5
POSTVILLEAllamakee County6.2
POSTVILLE 5.5 NEAllamakee County14.8
RICKARDSVILLE 0.2 WDubuque County11.7
RIVERDALE 0.5 NScott County10
SALEM 1 SHenry County10.3
SALEM 3.1 ESEHenry County5.5
SIGOURNEYKeokuk County20.2
SOLON 0.3 ESEJohnson County28.5
STANLEYBuchanan County28.1
STRAWBERRY POINTClayton County32.8
SWISHER 0.4 NNEJohnson County18.9
SWISHER #2Johnson County27.9
TRIPOLIBremer County16.2
VINTONBenton County15.2
WAPELLO 5.4 SELouisa County8.6
WASHINGTONWashington County14.9
WASHINGTON 5.8 SWWashington County0.5
WATERLOO 1.9 SSEBlack Hawk County21.2
WAUCOMA 1WNWFayette County7
WAUCOMA 3.2 SFayette CountyM
WAUKON 0.5 ESEAllamakee County20.9
WELLMAN 4.0 EWashington County16.2
WEST LIBERTY 0.7 NNWMuscatine County11.1
WILLIAMSBURG 1EIowa County34.7
WINTHROP 5.6 NNEBuchanan County16.1

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