Student of the Month: Noah Rich shares school’s holiday concert with community

16-year-old Noah Rich is a student at WACO Community Schools who has helped make it easier for his community to adjust during the pandemic.
Published: Jan. 26, 2021 at 5:36 AM CST
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CEDAR RAPIDS, Iowa (KCRG) - Students have had to adapt during the pandemic, especially for activities outside the classroom. Noah Rich is a 16-year-old student at WACO Community Schools. He’s stepped up to help his classmates share their music with the community. That’s one of the reasons why he’s the KCRG-TV9 Student of the Month.

“I’ve always had a musical understanding, and an interest in it, and I like playing music,” Rich said.

In addition to playing three instruments, Rich has also built 23 computers, two for himself, and the rest for others. The interest in computers started at a young age, when his dad got him into it. He says building them is rewarding.

“For other people, it’s knowing that I just improved their workflow a little bit by getting them a faster computer, or if they need tech support I know exactly what’s in there and what to fix,” he said.

Those two passions for technology and music combined when it came time for WACO’s holiday concert.

“Music is to be shared, and it should be live, and it should be, the students need that gratification back from an audience so to not have that has been challenging,” said Jane Koch, who leads 7-12 choir and band at the WACO Community School District. Koch asked Noah to record the concert.

“I would say that Noah if you give him a task he will do everything he can to get it done,” she said.

He filmed it, and put it together for everyone to see.

“It’s been particularly hard on music ensembles and sporting events to not be able to welcome parents and community members in,” said Koch.

After months of rehearsals, the school’s music group’s hard work was finally seen all thanks to Noah.

“To be able to have something where parents could see what their students have been working on and the kind of music making they’re doing was really important to us,” said Koch.

“People are still able to see us, still able to watch us, still perform in front of people even though they’re not physically there,” Rich said. Bringing music, and Noah, into the spotlight.

“Everyone can help their school in ways that they never dreamed would be so important,” said Koch.

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